Galileo Project EN

Galileo Project EN

Un jeu de
Adrien Hesling
Illustré par
David Sitbon
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Galileo Project EN
2 to 4 players
14 years +
40 to 80 minutes
Galileo Project EN

A unique space adventure

30 years after the first spaceships of settlers from the base of Ganymede, the Earth and Mars launch the Galileo Project. Its objective? To make the 4 satellites of Jupiter livable (Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto) for humans.

Due to the important environmental crises on Earth and the very different resources between Earth and Mars, there is no longer a common currency in the solar system. The extra-planetary markets meet in Tarak Freeman’s casino to conclude their business with Megacredits: the only neutral and stable currency. It is in this place, among the casino chips, that your game begins…

Corporations engaged in a technological race

You play the role of a powerful corporation that is using its influence to dominate this fierce competition. Acquire robots from manufacturers on Earth and Mars and recruit experts to tip the balance of power in your favor. Whether it’s technological developments, lobbying advice, or relentless robotic construction, set your strategy to gain control of the Jupiter area!

How to win at Galileo Project?

Galileo Project is a game of engine building and combos. By recruiting Characters and building Robots, you strengthen your influence on the 4 satellites of Jupiter. Each satellite allows you to emphasize a strategic direction:

  • Io is specialized in cost reduction,
  • Europa is dedicated to technological advances,
  • Ganymede facilitates the recruitment and efficiency of your characters,
  • Callisto allows you to conceive and improve your Robots.

Find the right balance to collect bonuses, chain combos and score victory points. Only the player with the most VPs is declared the winner!

How to play ?

A game of Galileo Project is played in a successive number of rounds, until one of the End Game conditions is reached: one of the players controls 10 Robots, or the deck of Characters is empty.

On your turn, you always follow the same 3 steps:

  • Swap your Influence (optional): switch your Influence marker to the Earth or Mars side in exchange of a Megacredit.
  • Perform an Action: recruit a Character OR build a Robot OR develop a Technology
  • Claim an Objective (optional): if you meet the requirements, place your Objective marker on the respective slot.


  • 48 Character cards
  • 48 Robot cards
  • 10 double-sided Robotic Project cards
  • 12 double-sided Technology tiles
  • 8 Goal tiles
  • 1 double-sided Star-Z tile
  • 50 double-sided Level tokens
  • 20 Energy tokens
  • 24 Megacredits
  • 4 Influence markers
  • 16 Development markers
  • 16 Goal markers
  • 16 Assignment modifiers
  • 16 Robot modifiers
  • 4 player boards
  • 1 game board
  • 1 scorepad
  • 1 rulebook


Galileo Project EN

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