2024 Boardgame Releases Planning

2024 Boardgame Releases Planning

In 2023 we had the delight to release Gosu X, In the Footsteps of Darwin, Iki Akebono and Zhanguo the First Empire.

What does Sorry We Are French have in store for you in 2024?

  • Mind Map (February, FIJ Cannes 2024): co-published with Funnyfox, a party game focusing on your ability to get inside other people’s minds! A game by Yohan Goh, Hope S. Hwang and Gary Kim.
  • In the Footsteps of Marie Curie (September 2024): a family game in the « In the Footsteps of » series, which retraces Marie Curie’s major discoveries! Help the famous scientist unlock the secrets of Radium, improve her workshop and win the Nobel Prize. A game by Florian Fay (Greenville 1989, Paris 1889…).
  • Shackleton Base: a Journey to the Moon (ESSEN, October 2024): the next Sandbox Eurogame in our Expert lineup. In the near future, help mankind set up its lunar base. From authors Fabio Lopiano (Merv, 3 Ring Circus…) and Nestore Mangone (Darwin’s Journey, Newton…).
  • ???? (September 2024): a final release is scheduled for 2024, based on an original concept we can’t wait to tell you all about! Just know that there will be dungeons and monsters in it!
  • Gosu X core game and expansion : an English international version of the game should be released in 2024, along with its first expansion Abunakkashii. With the release of the BGA version, we are planning community events for all the players around the world !

Mind Map

Mind Map is a fun 20-minute deduction game for 4 to 14 players. Find out which secret words are hidden under the other players’ Coordinate tokens and create the game’s Mind Map! But be careful: to place your own Coordinate token, you’ll have to compare your secret word and the Referent Word according to two silly criteria!

Is a diving suit more useful on a desert island than a 5000-piece puzzle? But is it a better gift than the Puzzle for my parents-in-law? The way you place your token along the two axes will be essential if you hope to win!

In the Footsteps of Marie Curie

Follow Marie Curie throughout her life and help the famous scientist win her double Nobel Prize. At every turn, use the machines in her laboratory to conduct your experiments, improve your workshop and achieve major breakthroughs in your field to score points! Will you be able to establish Marie Curie’s reputation before you reach the end of her story?

In the Footsteps of Marie Curie is a competitive family game that includes an educational booklet to help you discover more about the life and field of study of the great researcher.

Shackleton Base : a journey to the Moon

In the very near future, mankind establishes a base in the Shackleton crater on the Moon. With the help of your astronauts, build new living domes, carry out projects on behalf of large corporations and exploit the resources on the Moon’s surface.

Thanks to an ingenious modular sandbox system, only 3 of the 7 Corporations available in the box will be put into play, offering you a unique experience. Would you like to conduct scientific experiments? More interested in space commerce? Want to save humanity from a meteorite? Each Corporation brings new challenges, but it’s up to you to choose your path to victory.

Don’t miss the latest news : add Shackleton Base to your BGG wishlist now !

Gosu X core game and expansion

We are working on an English international version of Gosu X for 2024, along with its first expansion Abunakkashii. On another hand, players around the world will be able to join special tournaments on BGA, after the release of the digital version of the game at the start of 2024. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram and Facebook to not miss the upcoming announcements.


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