Studio – Sorry We Are French

Studio – Sorry We Are French

Sorry We Are French is a French board game publisher, part of Hachette Boardgames.

Embark on a journey to the planet SWAF!

We love games !

We design and publish board games for all public and in various universes: science-fiction, medieval-fantasy, history… From strategic board building to narrative games, enter our world!

Our team is made up of passionate collaborators with over 20 years’ experience in the world of board games.

Des univers uniques.

Our philosophy

For us, every stage in the development of a game is important. We’re committed to offering carefully designed, high-quality games.

The process of developing each game is unique, and involves many stages, from the birth of the visual identity to historical and scientific research.

  • For Ganymede, we spoke to specialists in the space industry.
  • For Paris 1889, hundreds of historical pictures were collected to provide a detailed historical context.
  • For Iki, regular exchanges with Koota Yamada, the game’s designer, enabled us to get as close as we could to the authenticity of feudal Japan.
Attention to detail is at the core of our work.

Beyond the gaming aspect, we pay particular attention to the quality of the player’s experience.

  • In Gosu X, we decided to go for a rich set of materials, including cards, tiles and printed wooden tokens.
  • In In the Footsteps of Darwin, we sought to tell a story through the component: chapters from The Origin of Species, Appendix, player’s board with an « ancient book » look, and so on.
Components designed to enhance the player’s experience.

Our team

  • Manu is the Head of the studio, managing all aspects from game development to production and marketing.
  • Matthieu is our Game Designer, developing the different projects and working closely with authors.
  • David is our Artist, managing the artistic direction of our games as well as creating beautiful illustrations.
  • Ulric is our Graphic Designer, specialized in DTP. Bless his punchboards !
  • Pauline is our Communication and Marketing manager, behind our Social Medias, events and press relations.

French board game publisher

Our studio designs and publishes a variety of board games in original universes (Iki, In the Footsteps of Darwin, Gosu X...). On this website, you'll find all our published games and upcoming releases, as well as events, tournaments and news about our games.