365 Adventures – The Dungeon

365 Adventures – The Dungeon

A game of
Juhwa Lee
Illustrated by
Radja Sauperamaniane
365 Adventures – The Dungeon
1 player
14+ years
5 minutes/day
365 Adventures – The Dungeon

365 days of adventure !

In the heart of an ancient land, Marlow stands before the Great Dungeon. Armed with courage and cunning, this unparalleled hero is about to brave the dangers of this stone labyrinth to unveil secrets and mysteries.

365 Adventures – The Dungeon is a unique experience that cleverly combines a calendar and an adventure game. Place it on your desk and, every day, get ready to face a new monster, from January 1st to December 31st!

Welcome to the rumble!

Embark on an epic, year-long adventure to discover a colossal dungeon. Day after day, guide your hero through the dark labyrinth, exploring each floor and confronting a multitude of monsters and unexpected surprises. Keep track of your monthly score, upgrade your gear with magical items and unlock new rules as you progress.

The monsters in 365 Adventures – The Dungeon are diverse, and many are references to classic pop-culture and medfan worlds. Goblins, ogres, demons, minotaurs… the bestiary is vast and always perilous!

The ultimate embodiment of challenge, Bosses, are more powerful monsters than the others, requiring a different strategy to overcome them. They take many forms and await Marlow at the end of each dungeon wing.

How to play 365 Adventures - The Dungeon?

You only need 5 minutes maximum each day to play.

  1. Move your hero to the current day
  2. Roll your dice up to 3 times
  3. Choose a monster of the week to fight

At the end of the month, note down your score and move on to the next month, where a new atmosphere text and a new rule await you.

The perfect gift for gamers

365 Adventures – The Dungeon is the perfect game for board game enthusiasts:

  • It features a unique, innovative concept
  • Requires just a few minutes a day for a year
  • It’s the ideal Secret Santa for medieval-fantasy and role-playing lovers.
  • Every month, the game evolves with new rules, monsters and magic objects.


  •  1 calendar
  • 1 « adventurer » magnet
  • 1 rule sheet
  • 5 six-sided dice

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