Gosu X : Abunakkashii Expansion

Gosu X : Abunakkashii Expansion

A game of
Studio SWAF
Illustrated by
David Sitbon
Page alternative FR
Gosu X : Abunakkashii Expansion
2 players
14 years +
20 to 40 minutes
Gosu X : Abunakkashii Expansion

The Corruptor is shaking the world

Abunakkashii the Corruptor, a demon from another age and wandering ronin, makes the ground tremble with his steps. His presence is so powerful that it manages to reshape the borders of Jalaanx. The bone wall, an impassable barrier that protected the lands from external dangers, collapses in an instant, revealing dark and strange realms that no one dared to imagine.

A new clan coming from the shadows

Abunakkashii is an expansion for Gosu X bringing to your game a new clan of demons and corrupted beings. It contains 15 cards for the Abunakkashii clan, altered cards and special tokens for the new mechanisms.

Akasha and Corruption

The players will discover with Abunakkashii new concepts. The effects of the Akasha cards remain during all the game, whether the card is still in play or not. The Corruption is a double-edged mechanic : you can steal to your opponent the effect of a corrupted card, but in exchange for a Corruption token. Each token is reducing your hand size by 1, but increase your military power by 1 ! Those tokens are needed if you want to play the Abominations. But be careful with your corruption level : everything has a cost !

How to play Gosu X with the Abunakkashii clan?

During the draft phase, all Immortal tiles are placed in the tissue bag. One of the players draws a tile at random: the clan is discarded from the current game.

The remaining 8 tiles are then set out, and the draft can begin as usual!



  • 18 cards
  • 1 Immortal tile
  • 9 wood tokens
  • 1 rule sheet

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