Gosu X EN

Gosu X EN

A game of
Studio SWAF
Illustrated by
David Sitbon
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Gosu X EN
2 players
14 years +
20 to 40 minutes
Gosu X EN

The Red Moon arise...

The Red Moon is approaching, announcing the next Great Battle. The 8 Immortals of Jalaanx, demigods in eternal conflict, are building alliances to win the epic battle! Build your army from scratch by drafting 3 clans with unique abilities and overpower your opponent.

A strategic duel in a fantasy world

Deploy your Troops, Heroes and Immortals onto the battlefield and win the Great Battle by force or by trickery!

Gosu X is a card and combo game for two where players create their army using cards from their deck.

This deck is made up of 3 clans chosen at the beginning of the game via a draft phase. And the 2 unchosen clans change the game rules! You must carefully choose your clans while taking into account those that will be set aside. Reduced hand size, shorter round, stronger military power… impose your terms on your opponent!

How to win at Gosu X ?

There are several ways to win a game of Gosu X:

  • by earning 2 Supremacy tokens from the Great Battles,
  • by unlocking 5 Activation tokens, thanks in particular to Byun Hyung Ja,
  • by playing 15 face-up cards in your army during the match,
  • by fulfilling an alternative victory condition (Goan Sul or Justice).

Based on the synergies of your clans and the moves of your opponents, you may find it easier to achieve one or the other of these victory conditions!

How to play Gosu X ?

A game of Gosu X is played in 3 rounds max, during which the 2 opponents will take turns to deploy their strategy.

Each round, you will :

1/ Add cards to your Army (Troops, Heroes and Immortals) and trigger their effects. During your turn, you only have one action, that you can use to play a card, activate an ability, draw, etc.

2/ Engage in a Great Battle. The player with the most powerful Army wins a Supremacy token. If one player has 2 Supremacy tokens, he immediately wins the game!

3/ Honor the Song of the Dead. Each player sacrifices half of his army before starting a new round of play.


  • 120 cards
  • 16 wooden pieces
  • 1 board
  • 8 Immortals tiles
  • 1 cloth bag
  • 1 rulebook



In the rulebook

On page 8,
in the example of the shift, one discarded card is missing, you need 3 instead of 2, as the shift cost of Sati is 3.

On page 10,
it indicates 5 instead of 6 as the value for the second line in the example.

On page 12, in the glossary, under the « Capture » section, third point:
It is stated that  » A player may play a card on above a captured card ». This can be confusing. It would be better to read: « It is always possible to play a card in the row above a captured card. »

On pages 12-13,
the two image examples are reversed.

She Rift

What is the purpose of the Bounty token and why is it used?

She Rift allows you to place or move the Bounty token on a card. As a result, that card becomes Bounty, which means you will draw a card if you destroy or capture it. But that’s not necessarily the main benefit. While it does allow Galmi (Avatar) to have a military power of 6, it’s particularly useful in combination with Hemro (Goan Sul clan) to draw 2 cards if there are no valid targets, and especially with the Petal Faeries (Justice clan) because it allows you to easily capture a level 3 card while drawing a card.

Byun Hyung Ja Phoenix

To trigger Phoenix’s BHJ effect, do you need to have 3 cards from the Phoenix clan or the 3 cards named Phoenix?

Answer 2 ! You need the 3 cards named Phoenix !

Card effects?!

Is it mandatory to activate a card’s effect when it enters play?

If it says « you may, » then it’s optional; otherwise, the effect is mandatory, even if it requires, for example, destroying or capturing one of your cards. For example, with Petal Faeries and no Bounty card in play? Yes, you can play the card, but there’s no valid target, so the effect won’t take place.

Can I play a card if I can’t activate the effect?

For example, with Petal Faeries and no Bounty card in play? Yes, you can play the card, but there’s no valid target, so the effect won’t take place.


I have 4 cards and my opponent has 9, but only one FREE card (3 complete columns), does he only have to sacrifice one card?

No, he will have to sacrifice 5 cards, one by one, and always a FREE card each time. As in the phase of the Song for the Dead.

Levels 1

If all of my opponent’s troops (Level 1) are captured and they wish to place a new troop, do they have to discard 2 cards from their hand to pay the cost?

No, in this case it is the first card of a clan in the line, so the card is free.

Adjacent cards

What does an adjacent card mean?

It is a card above, below, to the right, or to the left of it. Not in the diagonals!


I don’t understand this effect about turn on an immortal tile?

When Justice enters play, you flip over one of your 3 immortal tiles to the other side (the one with a permanent effect). The effect now applies only to you, except for the Narashima tile, which clearly states « players » and therefore applies to both players.


What does « X » mean in a card’s text?

It is the number of unlocked activation tokens in the game. So at the beginning of the game, X is equal to 2, but if you unlock a third activation token, then X becomes 3. Note that this only refers to unlocked activation tokens and not unused ones, whether they are in your hand or on the board, it does not change the value of X.

Shift and activation token

When a card with an activation token is Shifted, place the activation token in the spent tokens zone of the board, just like when a card is destroyed or captured.

Captured card + ethereal token

What happens if a captured card becomes ethereal with the ethereal token?

The card is immediately released!

« Wherever it is »

Clarification on this wording that raises many questions. If this ability was only supposed to apply when the card was played on the board, then it would, by definition, never work. Therefore, this ability works as soon as the card interacts with your turn’s action, for example, it is played, it is revealed, it is discarded, etc. and of course, any interaction when it is already on the board. This allows Phoenix (Immortal) to be placed at the level of your choice or for Shennong and All in One to be discarded to complete Xi’An’s BHJ mission.

Other examples:
Bun To always retrieves Phoenix (Immortal) if it is revealed by his effect.
Nakshara can always retrieve Phoenix (Immortal) from the discard pile.
3 Wishes automatically retrieves the Xi’An/Shennong/All In One cards revealed during its effect.

Timing of the secret shift, questions?!

Can I shift a card using a card that was used to pay the cost of the secret shift ?

No, at the moment of playing the shift, the target must be announced. The goal is, of course, to not give the already strong secret shift an additional advantage with an economy of one card on shift.

I pay 2 to make a shift by discarding 2 x BHJ, 2 x Phoenix, 2 x Alpha, or 2 x Galmi, for example, and I play « Grave Robbers” can I retrieve the 2 cards with the same name that I just discarded?

Yes, there is no problem in this case.


Some cards in the game allow you to swap 2 cards in a player’s army (Goan-Sul) or only at your own army (Galmi). These 2 cards don’t have to be necessarily adjacent, they can be any 2 cards in the line. This allows you to place an opponent’s card in a FREE column in order to destroy it, or to put it back on the deck with Galmi on the next turn, very useful against a well-hidden big level 3 card.


Can we copy a card that has no effect (such as Byun Hyung Ja) just to remove it from the game?

NO, that’s copying an effect (white text).

Tip: it’s possible to choose an effect to copy from any discard pile.


Can we choose a clan that is not present in our discard pile and not shuffle anything?

YES, unlike Orgah.

Reminder: Only the player who plays Genious draws 2 cards.

The second part of the card (after « then ») indicates -> Draw 2 cards. Do both players draw 2 cards or only the player who plays the card?

Only the player who plays the card!

Arrows of Justice

When we name a card, is it indeed forbidden to play all copies of a card with the same name? Both from the hand and from the secret shift?

Yes, provided that you choose the name of a card from your hand.

Tip: If you choose The Red Ring and since the effect of Arrows of Justice lasts until the end of your next turn, then during your next turn, your opponent will not be able to discard The Red Ring to cancel the capture or destruction of one of their cards.

Three Wishes

Can I choose a clan that doesn’t belong to me?

NO, never.

Tip: All in One, Shennong, and all your level 3 cards (if Xi’An is in play) will be automatically added to your hand.

Grave Robbers

Am I obliged to name a card that is in my discard pile?

YES, unless the discard pile is empty.

Tip: Alpha and Alpha (dead) are considered to have the same name, as well as the 3 Phoenix, BHJ, Galmi, and Galmi (Avatar), Narashima and Narashima (Lion), and all level 1 cards that come in duplicate.


During the additional turn, can I perform any action including playing a card from my hand, not necessarily from the discard pile?


Phoenix (Immortal)

Here’s a card that raises a lot of questions, here are the different rules points concerning Phoenix (Immortal): Phoenix (Immortal) can be played in any row, and its military value is then equal to 2, 3, or 5 depending on whether it’s in row 1, 2, or 3.

However, even when in play, it is always considered a level 1, 2, and 3, which means that cards that can affect a level 1, 2, or 3 can affect it, luckily it is ethereal.

But for example, no matter which row it is in, if it is OPEN, Bun To can always move Phoenix (Immortal) to the top of your deck. Phoenix (Immortal) can only be shifted by a card of the same level as the row in which it is located.

If Xi’an is in passive (not played) and I play Phoenix (Immortal) in the first turn, since effects that affect a level 3 also affect it, is it considered as being all 3 clans from your deck and thus being a super recruiter/all in one in ethereal version?

YES, exactly.

If Phoenix (Immortal) is our ONLY Phoenix clan card in play, in row 1 or 2, is the condition of having a unit and a hero on the board satisfied to play a level 3 Phoenix clan card?

NO, you need a PHOENIX unit in the first row and a PHOENIX hero in the second row.

Timer and Arpia

If I play Timer and Arpia is in play, do I draw my card immediately or on the next (Extra) turn?

The first effect of Timer will be « stored in memory » (take an extra turn after this one) until the end of the turn, but you draw the card immediately, not on the next turn.

If I play Timer below Sha’dow (Echo) and Arpia is in play, how many turns do I play and how many cards do I draw?

You cannot play an extra turn during an extra turn, so you will only play one extra turn, but you will draw 2 cards immediately.


The passive power of Goan-Sul indicates that you must sacrifice one extra card if you don’t win with at least a 10-point lead, but do you have to sacrifice one extra card if you lose the battle?

No, the additional sacrifice only applies if you win the battle with less than a 10-point lead.

Bombing Unit

If the Bombing unit is OPEN, it can be sacrificed by its effect. If the Bombing unit is sacrificed during the first part of its effect, then it will be impossible to resolve the second part of the effect.

If the bombardment unit is played with Echo, it can force players to sacrifice up to 4 cards provided that it does not sacrifice itself before the 4th resolution.

As a reminder, the keyword « ethereal » does not protect against sacrifice.


If Galmi is in play and I pass, my opponent can only play 2 turns, but if during their first or second turn they destroy Galmi, can they then play a 3rd turn?

No, the yellow text on Galmi triggers an effect when the player passes, once this effect is triggered it continues for the next 2 turns of the opponent.

Can I play Galmi and immediately pass if I still have one or more activation tokens?

No, the rule requires that you no longer have any activation tokens to pass. However, Galmi’s power allows you to skip a turn earlier because it is a « free » action during this turn. In the end, your opponent loses two turns – one by passing immediately and one by playing only 2 turns instead of 3.

Flipped tiles + same level 3 in play ?!

If a tile is flipped thanks to Justice and the level 3 of the same clan is in play with the same effect, do the effects stack?

Yes, only for Phoenix, so +2 in military for each card in hand.

And unfortunately with Goan-Sul, who will have to sacrifice 2 additional cards if they win with less than 10 points ahead.


In some cases, the simultaneous effect of a card can be important depending on the order of resolution, for example with Cylak.

In case of simultaneity, it is the active player (the player playing the card) who chooses the order of resolution. They therefore choose which player (or effect) will resolve their effect first.


There is an error on the ‘Wiindz’ card in the English version (1st print) of Gosu X.
It should read ‘Release a card in this row or column’ instead of ‘Release all the cards in this row or column’, the card retains its ECHO effect.

There is an error on the ‘Ne’ye’ card in the English version (1st print) of Gosu X.
It should read, ‘When a player removes Ne’ye from the game from your discard pile, they draw a card.’. This effect only works when Ne’ye is removed from the discard pile.

Tokens on a Captured Card

When a card is captured while it has an Activation, Prime, or Kuma token on it, the token is immediately discarded.

Note, this is not the case with the Ethereal token, see FAQ #26.

Gosu X Tournament Rules from Season 2 (March 2023)

but applicable on BGA in all cases as soon as the corrective patch is deployed:

  • As in Season 1, when you play Fenghuang (PHO), you must show the selected card to your opponent.
  • Genious (PHO) now functions like Orgah (GS), you must choose a clan present in your discard pile (this modifies FAQ #13).
  • When Abunakkashii (ABU) comes into play, you must choose a feasible effect if possible. You cannot choose to take a corruption token from your opponent if they don’t have any and you have the opportunity to give them one, and vice versa.

Update on Byun Hyung Ja of Xi’an

Update on the ruling for Byun Hyung Ja of Xi’an, and in anticipation of upcoming expansions, it is now possible to trigger its effect only once at the end of one’s turn, even if one has ten cards of the same clan in hand.


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