Mind Map

Mind Map

A game of
Yohan Goh, Hope S. Hwang, Gary Kim
Illustrated by
Ulric Maes
Page alternative FR
Mind Map
4 to 14 players
10 years and +
20 minutes
Mind Map

Fun that's off the Charts

Make your opponents guess your Secret word by placing your Coordinate token in the game zone according to 2 criteria. Sometimes you’ll push your logic limit, but don’t forget to take the Reference word into account!

Will you be able to grasp your opponents’ logic and make them understand yours?

How to play

  1. Place your token based on how closely your Secret word relates to the Criteria on each Axes.
  2. Take the Reference word and other player’s words into account
  3. Guess your opponents’ words to earn the most points!

Does the toilet paper burn faster than a tent ? Is it better to bring toilet paper or a tent to a desert island ?

You need to answer all those questions to place your Coordinate token on the right spot !

On your own or with a team

From 4 to 7 players, everyone plays for themselves. But from 8 players upwards, 2 teams are formed. The game lasts 4 rounds. Each team plays two rounds in turn, in a collaborative mode. The non-playing team can vote using Team Vote tokens, and thus score points during the playing team’s rounds. The team with the most points after 4 rounds wins the game.

Gather all your friends and family !

Mind Map is the perfect game to brighten up evenings with friends or afternoons with the family. Its size makes it easy to take with you and show it around.

  • 100% fun
  • Effective ice-breaker
  • For small and large groups!
  • Anywhere: in a bar, at home, on a trip…


  • 4 Axis tiles
  • 100 Word cards
  • 50 Criteria cards
  • 7 Player cards
  • 7 Coordinate tokens
  • 7 Score tokens
  • 1 Scoreboard
  • 7 Number cards
  • 49 Vote tokens (7/player)
  • For the team mode : 7 Team Vote tokens, 2 Team Score tokens, 2 40/80 tokens
  • 1 rulebook (English)

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