Sorting and suggestions

Sorting and suggestions

For people who own IKI and its expansion Akebono, you will find here :

  • a reminder to sort the content into the right boxes.
  • nos recommandations sur des éléments de l’extension Akebono pouvant être joués également avec le jeu de base.

Building cards

The following buildings from the Akebono expansion can be played in games of IKI without the Akebono expansion: Temple, Tea House, Private School, Public Bathhouse, Picture Book Shop, Kimono Shop, Izakaya.

The following buildings in the Akebono expansion can only be played with the Akebono expansion: Wholesale Shipping Agency, Story Teller Theater, Inn for Sailors.

Akebono tokens

The following tokens (Pipe, Tobacco, Fish) are to be removed when playing only with the IKI basic game:

Spring / Summer / Fall and Winter tokens

Starting Character (Wood Seller)

We don’t recommend using this Character for IKI games without the Akebono expansion.

Great Master variant for 2 players

We strongly recommend this variant for IKI games without the Akebono extension.

Here’s the file you can print out from home and keep in your game box for sorting your expansion items at any time:



A game of Koota Yamada, illustrated by David Sitbon
2 to 4 players, 14 ans +
60 to 90 minutes
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