Abunakkashii the Corruptor

Abunakkashii the Corruptor

For millennia, the game of immortals has raged on in Jalaanx, a kingdom with landscapes as diverse as its inhabitants. From majestic mountains to vast plains, and through thick forests hiding ancient secrets, the lands of Jalaanx are the stage for alliances, wars, and betrayals that shape its tumultuous history.

The landscapes of Jalaanx are diverse.

There has always been the rumor of a hidden immortal, who, like a ghost, sows chaos and corruption from the darkest corners of the kingdom. Is he Byun Hyung Ja, the legendary shapeshifter with a thousand faces, who has crossed the ages while participating in countless misdeeds and plots? Many believed so, but they were wrong.

The Immortal Byun Hyung Ja with a thousand faces.

For at the dawn of this new red moon, a veil finally lifts on the true identity of this mysterious being. He, who once presented himself as a disciple of Narashima, has sown doubt in the minds of many inhabitants of Jalaanx. But today, he stands there, surrounded by his clan and his corrupted followers, having broken the chains of the Akasha on his path to join the next great battle that will decide the fate of the kingdom.

The Corruptor, Abunakkashii.

Abunakkashii the Corruptor, a demon from another age and wandering ronin, makes the ground tremble with his steps. His presence is so powerful that it manages to reshape the borders of Jalaanx. The bone wall, an impassable barrier that protected the lands from external dangers, collapses in an instant, revealing dark and strange realms that no one dared to imagine.

Dark places are revealed…

The sacred lake of the high plateau, once a source of life and serenity for the surrounding peoples, suddenly empties, revealing an ancient city submerged by water for centuries. The legends whispered by the elders come to life before the astonished eyes of Jalaanx’s inhabitants.

The corruption is growing in the kingdom of Jalaanx.

It is a new dawn for the kingdom, an unexpected turning point that upsets the balance of power. Yesterday’s alliances shatter, while new ones are woven in the shadows, driven by the hope of resisting the growing threat embodied by Abunakkashii. The fate of Jalaanx is now in the hands of those who dare to stand against the Corruptor and his minions.

Abunakkashii is an expansion for Gosu X scheduled for fall 2023 !

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