The expansion Abunakkashii for Gosu X

The expansion Abunakkashii for Gosu X

Today, we introduce the new clan cards from our Abunakkashii expansion! But first, we need to explain the new keywords introduced by the expansion.

  • Corruption: the effect of the Corruption card can be triggered by the opponent instead of you. However, he must take a Corruption token which reduces his hand size by 1 but increases his military value by 1.
  • Akasha: if an Akasha card is removed from the game, its permanent effect affects you for the rest of the game! Nezha, from Justice, could therefore keep on making you draw cards…
  • Abomination: to play an Abomination, you must have a Corruption token. If someone wants to play an Abomination when there’s already one in play, they’ll need to have two Corruption tokens, and so on.
  • Evolution cards: 3 cards from the base game, Nezha, Nachiketa and Ne’o, are replaced by their evolution variant when you play with the expansion, even if Abunakkashii is banned.
  • Draft: to draft with the expansion, place all immortal tiles in the bag and draw one. The clan identified by the tile is discarded for the game.

The Troops

Yume is a Level I with Bounty and Recruiter that lets you find the best possible card option to suit your needs. You reveal the next 3 cards in your deck, one of which is placed in the discard pile, another at the top of your deck and the last removed from the game. We can already see many synergies, whether with clan strategies (Narashima) or other cards (N’ye).

Akakage lets you filter your deck: in exchange for being able to draw a card, you remove one of the cards in your hand from the game. If the removed card is a Prime or Akasha, you even draw 2 cards! Just like Yume, you’ll be able to adapt your deck to the current table situation, and discard any unsuitable cards.

Kuroakuma is an excellent option against Galmi, as it causes the Wondrous token to be discarded by whoever has it! And if no one has the token, you gain a Kuma token which improves the military value of the card by +2 and protects it from Galmi cards.

Nitish (corrupted) allows you to fetch X Bounty cards with the same name from your deck and add them to your hand. In exchange, your opponent gets an Activation token. A great way to recover your missing Pheonix, your Alpha and, above all, your Abunakkashii!

The Heroes

Yasha and Onikiri are offensive heroes who allow you to capture and destroy cards in play. You can still target an Immortal, but you’ll have to accept a Corruption token as a result.

Shikigami no Tsume lets you use your Corruption tokens to make them more powerful for your army.

Abunakkashii ( Jigoku form) is your defensive option, as the card will free up to X cards from your army. It’s also an Abomination, which means you need to have one or more Corruption tokens in stock.

Finally, SATI (Corrupted) will always be there if you need to rebuild your hand! Once again, however, you’ll have to pay the price for her skill…

The Immortals

Abunakkashii relies on Corruption tokens: you can choose whether to give one of your tokens to your opponent or, on the contrary, take one from him. A very interesting effect if you want to combo with your clan’s other cards (Byun Hyung Ja, Shikigami, Abunakashii Jigoku). Its passive effect reduces the replacement cost of your Bounty cards.

Byun Hyung Ja requires 3 Corruption tokens in play to earn you an Activation token. An additional condition must be met: the card must be free in order to sacrifice it.

Evolution cards

Nezha is now an Akasha card, making it very interesting to remove from the game to benefit from its powerful draw effect.

Nachiketa and Ne’o now include an option to avoid discarding the specified cards in exchange for taking a Corruption token. This means you can defend against the former to keep your cards in hand, while the latter becomes a very attractive draw option.

The Abunakkashii expansion for Gosu X will be released in English in 2024.

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