Update : Gosu X International English Version

Update : Gosu X International English Version

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As you may know, our US distributor for Gosu X did not include the Abunakkashii expansion in its catalog. Therefore, it is currently impossible to obtain the Gosu X expansion in English anywhere. As a result, we have opted for a new solution ! Many players are looking to purchase Gosu X in English, and outside the USA, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to find. For European players (outside of France where the game is available in French), it is also challenging, with the UK version being the only one available.

In 2023 we made a decision : to release Gosu X in an International English version. And today, we are doing it !

Core game and expansions

This version will be available for purchase to distributors who wish to carry the game and will also be available for online sale worldwide. The production of this new Gosu X box will begin in early April, simultaneously with the English version of the expansion Abunakkashii and the second expansion, which will also be released directly in English at the same time. The production schedule is already finalized, and the printing reserved, so there will be no delays in production. The games should be delivered between October and November, depending on transportation and distribution arrangements.

We are infinitely grateful to the players who support us often, and we are truly sorry for this situation. Everything will be sorted out by the end of the year, and the best is yet to come.

Discover the game and the expansion on BGA

In the meantime, Gosu X and the Abunakkashii expansion are available in Beta on BGA, and the game will officially launch on the platform on March 11th. We will organize monthly tournaments with goodies to win, etc. We have plenty of ideas to keep the game and its community alive.

I wish you many great games of Gosu X.

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