Rukgnarl Bonesreaper : a new era of terror

Rukgnarl Bonesreaper : a new era of terror

In the shadow of the chaos left by Abunakkashii the Corruptor, a new threat emerges from the debris of the Bone Wall, the once unbreachable frontier of the realm of Jalaanx, bringing with it a darkness that extends well beyond the night. This sinister force, embodied by Rukgnarl Bonesreaper, the king of shadows, prepares to plunge the world into an era of terror and despair unprecedented.

Rukgnarl Bonesreaper, sovereign of the shadows.

Rukgnarl Bonesreaper, the fallen sovereign of a forgotten realm, once ruled from the summit of the Bone Wall, a colossal structure made of the bones of creatures and defeated enemies, testifying to his power and cruelty. The Wall, having withstood millennia of conflicts, collapsed the day Abunakkashii broke the chains of Akasha, thereby releasing the restrained darkness and allowing Rukgnarl to end his forced exile. This event marks the end of an ancient secret pact between Rukgnarl and Phoenix, in which she protected access to the Wall as well as the knowledge of its history, while he protected the Sacred Lake, the reincarnation site of the Phoenixes. Now, after centuries of silence, what will happen?

The army of Rukgnarl is packed with terrifying creatures.

Mastering the ancient powers of shadows, such as Shadowstep and Umbra, Rukgnarl and his legions of goblins make their way through Jalaanx, sowing fear and death. Their appearance is heralded by an icy cold and an oppressive silence, harbingers of the horror to come. The king of shadows, armed with his scythe forged from indestructible bones and imbued with dark magic, reaps the souls of those he deems worthy of joining his ranks, transforming them into eternal servants.

Under the command of Rukgnarl, the Bone Wall is reborn, not as a barrier, but as the epicenter of an empire of darkness that spreads across the lands tainted by Abunakkashii. These two malevolent forces, though distinct, work in the shadows towards a common goal: the total subjugation of Jalaanx.

The goblins schemes are evil and malicious.

The heroes of Jalaanx, already tested by the battle against Abunakkashii, must now face this new abomination. Alliances are woven precariously, trust becoming a rare commodity in a world where shadows threaten to engulf souls. The battle for the future of Jalaanx intensifies, for Rukgnarl Bonesreaper aims not only for conquest but aspires to eradicate any form of resistance, plunging the kingdom into endless despair. As the clashes continue, the boundary between light and darkness diminishes. The fate of Jalaanx hangs by a thread, and only the bravery of the most valiant can stem the advance of the shadows led by Rukgnarl Bonesreaper, the undisputed sovereign of the Bone Wall.

The Bone Wall is the foundation of the new shadow realm.

In this tumultuous context, the shadow of Phoenix becomes more pronounced. Her complicity with the Bone Wall, her knowledge of the powers of the Rukgnarl Bonesreaper clan, and her secrets about the Sacred Lake reveal a depth and complexity in her role throughout this story. As the veil of centuries begins to lift, Phoenix finds herself at a crossroads, her choice either to rekindle an ancient alliance for the survival of her people or to open a new chapter marked by an inevitable confrontation. The long-standing silence is broken, and Phoenix’s actions in the coming moons could well determine the fate of the entire kingdom.

Jalaanx’s destiny is ine the hands of Phoenix ?

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Rugknarl Bonesreaper is an expansion for Gosu X, to be released this autumn.

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